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Rosee Royce

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i am 99% angel. but oh!. that 1 % :!!!
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what to do

Sep 2nd @ 2:04am EDT

Last week when I had lunch with one of my brothers, I flat-out told him, I am good at being alone. And as soon as I said it, it became something that didn't just exist in my thoughts or in hidden metaphors -- it was real; I had spoken it and all of a sudden it was real. It is real because I have always believed that not a lot of people can love any of us the way that we deserve to be loved; so I always knew that I would never give my heart away easily. The truth is I know that I am not the easiest person to love. I hold people who purport to love me to the highest standard because I hold myself to the highest standard. While I have learned to be compassionate of the imperfect love that I have to offer and that I might receive, I have also still been aware of the kind of love I deserve, and I don't want to settle for anything less, ever.I don't know what the future holds; none of us do. But every once in a while, the thought that I could end up alone strikes me so rather than push it away, I want to feel it, I want to feel the fear that comes with it so that maybe I can change that fear into something good, maybe even change it to love; some kind of love.

live in black and white

Sep 1st @ 1:52am EDT

I am not and I was never agree with the fact that life is only black and white. Just outside or inside. Fast or slow. Very bad or good. Life has never had two speeds. At most, an infinite number of ways to live. More or less well. Lately I have been accused more or less argued they are very radical in some articles that you write. I certainly am. But that does not mean the kind that cut and hung left and right just because there are no other ways to solve a problem. But what about the memories shared and gathered with so much longing? What about friends? What parents say or what gossip world? As I said, sitting in a toxic relationship of "nice" people is not a model of happiness. It is the best example to show them how unhappy you are. And if you decided to stay and take part in personal tragedy thrown in front of your eyes when you assume. But do it real, and not just verbally. Assume your problem, swearing and served other moments of hell. People have become accustomed to complain. For everyone and everything. Most believe that life is not so cut and, rightly disagree with that. Life is full of nuances. As much as it is colorful and fragrant. But sometimes it's good to put some foot down. To draw the line, to say "No" and claim your right to happiness. Otherwise, you stand to complain and to contemplate their own misery accepted and embraced as martirisim. Martyrs is everywhere. We're tired of them. At work. In couple relationships. In families more or less happy. In the group of friends or even ourselves. In each of us there is a martyr who receives punches, swallows, accept and then ... crying! He complains that not doing well but not doing anything in that sense. Why? "Because life is not so radical. Life is not just black and white. Not so simple ". It became a cliché answer and embraced by so many souls throughout this tragi-comic scenario. To flirt with sport life has never been the weak hearted. Sometimes shock therapies are the best therapies and have always given results. It is true that depends on the person. First of them. The fact that sometimes rough or trenchant writing is just to open your eyes and to wake up from sleep. Sleep where you immersed too long.

a bit lonely

Aug 31st @ 9:28am EDT

Today i felt a bit lonely. And just want to stay in bed. think about the day ahead of you and you find yourself already overwhelmed. Overwhelmed with job, with to-do lists, with the expectations and with the world. It's all too much. You are constantly lost in thought. You find yourself preoccupied with worry about events that have yet to come and overcome with regret from the things that have already come to pass. You are exhausted, you are fearful, and you are disheartened; this is not what you imagined your life would be like. The sadness and disillusionment you feel slows you down until eventually you stop, resisting all change and growth. You stay inside on a Friday night comforted by the glowing light of your television. It is so easy to seek refuge in life's certainties, and here you are safe. You are a parked car on the interstate, everyone is moving forward yet you remain stagnant. But you have forgotten the most integral part of this story. You have forgotten your heart. Through all the hardship and heartbreaks and sadness, your heart has continued to beat. You have tried to ignore it, but the fire rages on while you continue to dismiss your own innate beauty.

Never forget this!

Aug 29th @ 1:43am EDT

There are people who lose the meaning of life but who, after a serious illness or after an accident we come to retrieve. There are people who come to cherish life, with all its implications, following some unfortunate or unexpected events. Life has shown every time that we must learn the lesson sooner or later. For this reason, certain events may occur in a repeated in other forms, until we get to learn the lessons necessary for our evolution. If you've broken my leg is because you needed this to happen to you. If you meet a man who has hurt you and you abandoned it because you needed this meeting in order to learn to be stronger and more careful with people who come into your life. If you lose money it is because you needed this experience to get up and make the place even of many. Nothing that happens to us is not haphazard. When you're aware of it you'll be able to walk in a different light and see things and people in your life as a sublime complement to your being. You're strong when you stopped crying. When you have ceased to regret the choices you've made in the past for your heart and soul. You're strong when you have passed all the disappointments have turned into life lessons. You're strong when did you get accepted you, regardless of public opinion, by envy, malice and untimeliness or unauthenticity those around you. You're strong because you raised every time you fell, you started to believe when you have defeated hopelessness, you start to forgive your past and you start to love yourself! You're strong because you chose not ever sit on your knees, even when they are crushed by the ghosts of the past and the tears dried. You're strong because nothing can stand in your way. You're strong because you were born a winner. Never forget this!

errors in general

Aug 28th @ 4:39am EDT

For those who seek pair today, things are obviously simpler than they were for our parents or grandparents. The Internet plays an important role in this respect, online dating sites offering new and new opportunities that previously did not exist. All these benefits can but turn into problems if you do not know how to complete your online profile or do it in a hurry, without attention. There are many mistakes that you can remove it from the game and on this occasion. Men like women safe on them, not ashamed, nor hide their own sexuality. On the other hand, not good nor to highlight this, as if you did not have anything with which to brag to your disposal than passionate sex. Can you give some small clues to denote that you are open-minded and do not have problems in terms of self-confidence. Do not bombard you with potential partners but intimate information with dirty jokes or sexual suggestions have no place in the public space. Nobody does not like clichés and yet, we all use them. We use them in communication, the way we present ourselves, in how we talk about others, especially about people you do not know. If you want your profile online to be really one that men serious attention, avoid cliches when complete biography, personal hobbies or personal description. Show them all that you can be an interesting person, you know how to distinguish yourself from the flock. Even if you are alone for a long time and you think you will not ever find a partner, will not show this in your profile online. Be positive, addressing an attitude of self-confidence. Furthermore, avoid negative lists features that are not acceptable to you and try to complete a list of what you need from a partner.


Aug 27th @ 10:05am EDT

From those days, I have accumulated journals and notebooks, napkins and ripped papers, on which I jotted those things down. In recollection of them, I realize what I was really doing on the floor, skimming through dirty books, was looking for myself. I couldn't find the words on my own, so I looked for them in stories seemingly forgotten. Words long ignored- much as I believed my knowing of myself to be.I thought that the ultimate understanding of myself would come from finding a universal truth about existence, something that could only be found by accumulating many truths and tying together their commonalities. I've never read anything without importing myself into the story or scene or idea, I've never thought about the past and not wondered what part of the human condition would drive people to do such things. I spent my life learning myself through other people, understanding myself through the lens of their experiences. I thought that acquiring their knowledge was the best way to understand who I was.But I was looking for limiting, definitive ideas about what a person should be. I don't think I ever quite figured out who I was on the floor of the library, but I did figure out something far more important. Finding yourself does not always mean defining yourself. In fact, quite the opposite. It usually means accepting yourself as a person, above all and at your core, and then acting on that in whatever ways you feel compelled at the moment.

the magic ingredient

Aug 12th @ 2:22am EDT

What do you need for success in love? To what extent it takes effort and work and that is the contribution of fortune? Most people associate success with luck in love. In part, they are right, success depending on a lot of factors but also a bit of luck, luck of being at the right place at the right time, to find favorable circumstances and to meet exactly that person to be attracted and that you find appealing turn. When two people meet and love, is the key to success in relationship and when they met. In other words, it matters where they are now, what they want from life and they are short and medium term expectations. For example, if one of you wants career and the other family, when you met it as it may be wrong. If on the other hand both have the same age and you want the same things, it is assumed that at least from this point of view, you met at the right time. If the right time matters to the future of the relationship, the circumstances are those that bring together two people who do not know but conclude that they like. These circumstances may mean that you live in the same block, on the same street or in the same neighborhood, as are fellow work or school and so on. Here luck is more visible than ever. Because what else you need, because circumstances are favorable to you? They say first impressions mean everything. Even if the previous statement is exaggerated, first impressions count a lot, depending on the way her two partners perceive each other. Based on the two will take the first impression and the decision to meet, to try to develop a relationship. And here it takes luck. The circumstances that I mentioned above you can bring in man dreams about the worst time of day. Makeup when you are dressed inappropriately or simply tired. On the other hand, luck be on your side, taking off in the way that your man when you're in the best shape, physically and mentally. And the first impression will be a positive as can be.

a response

Aug 11th @ 2:26am EDT

I love you more if I know that love is sold in doses of happiness. I recognize how special they are naked shoulders morning, we start quietly to the kitchen to make a strong coffee and I come back on the bed and then watch them run a bare breast. It may not be anything new or unusual, but it will be nice to repeat it the next day. She, half asleep, map out each time a wistful smile, but will not pull the covers over breast, because you know that time is part of the happiness of the morning dose. Most often, what you do not want and look what you missed. This is full of thoughts, memories, reproaches, roads, only not now. That's why every time you look for happiness in other places and not man moments from now or next. Once you lose it, you realize and try to model the love of fragments. But then a beautiful recovered, taking other arm and waking other beds. What you do not want, it remains your happiness and she is missing you most. But to be happy, you must first love yourself: your experiences with all faults and to love what you have. Understand that happiness and love is a choice. Therefore, choose to give love to others, to love. Do you want more love, give more love. Offering, build shared happiness with someone. Love should not be a rush of happiness, but a response.


Aug 10th @ 10:51am EDT

There are many features that every man wants to cultivate. Among them, one is typically feminine sensuality. Many confuse this feature with the ability to attract and captivate the opposite sex, what many call sex appeal.Sensuality focuses on physical pleasure of the body but also the mind, the ability to easily detect what is acceptable and at the same time the ability to focus on the positive aspects. People sensual are those who have learned bodies and senses, in an effort to maximize pleasure; have learned the mind to focus on the joy to internalize and realize simţurile.Nu think sensuality is a feature that people are born. Rather, it is a way to learn, both physically and mentally, to enjoy everything around you, . It is a way to train the mind to perceive things differently and always engage the senses to enjoy a pleasure as possible. Sensuality really means to be master of his own body and master's mind. The tasting all the flavors of life offered by touch, hearing, sight and feeling. We are imperfect by nature human. If we were perfect, we would always self-sufficient. I've never needed each other. We have not love, we have sites, we interact, we tie relationships. I did not count for each other. It would be boring. And sad. And gray. Exist in the polarity in diversity, the bad and the good, the differences, contradictions, in relationships, in everything he does human nature to be so special and interesting. We are imperfect. And different. Which is a good thing, great. live and colorful.

sex is fun should try it

Aug 9th @ 2:26am EDT

When the routine and boredom makes its way into private life, it is time to exit the bedroom for an exciting experience. There are a few places worth trying at least once in life. Sex in less conventional places can be a recipe for successful intimate relationships when monotony makes its way into sheets. The sex is more exciting and out of your comfort zone, the more you will enjoy a better sex life. You can not control the environment in which you find yourself will bring thrills, but being arrested for having sex in public places is not a desirable thing, ASAS that be cautious. Keep yourself as many clothes as possible, think about how you can get out of trouble and you say if you get caught. You can choose the back seat, but if you want something more adventurous, and more adrenaline you can "test" the hood - of course, if the weather allows you to try it. The washing machine will be a thrilling experience if of course the machine is turned on. Plan sex when the car reaches the spin cycle because it will turn into a dildo the size of a chair. Cinema is one of the most popular public places sex couples. However, it is difficult to find a satisfactory position and discreet at the same time. On the balcony of the hotel The hotel is perfect for a night adventure card and room balcony is truly exciting.

Accepting both ways

Aug 8th @ 3:13am EDT

Each man accidentally brought into our lives. And just by chance does not come out of it. Each story, kiss and hug each have their purpose, their purpose and teaching for a day or a lifetime. What we today can convince us of certain things, what love can change us forever today. People are made not only to live their lives, but also part of life to others, destined to play that role. Eventually, we pile of people I've met, or soul heated discussions that we had with them, what I have heard stories and memories remained. There are people who will make you want to remember the past, to beg memories, places and words. There are people with whom you will not want to see some places ever. Or people who leave you hollow. There are people you do not you'll never be the same. And people who will complete. But sad people that will fill your heart and cheerful but in their world. There are people that will provide answers without asking. On her keep his closest. There are people who will squeeze the answers you extra. For her to duck most. There are people and people as a blessing as a curse. Accepting both ways, and some others that you will learn something. There are people who will keep the most precious memory. And people who will forget. People who will leave at the first opportunity and those who are loyal to you when you will have nothing. People halves and people nullity. Search to see what remains after each of them. There are people dear, dear, close and only one man whom you could say your man. Throughout your life, however, people will be drawn into two parts. Some will be there, counselors, creators of your life, and strong fighters like you. Others will be just next door, it's just hollow and empty through what will leave you ready to squeeze out what they like. To attract the top, you have to be like them. We attract what we are becoming.

sad comedy

Aug 7th @ 12:26pm EDT

Did you know that so often we fall into the sad comedy of appearances? Learn increasingly better to hide, to pretend. We pretend countries when we are weak, we pretend that we are better and more capable than we actually pretend you actually full of faith is empty, so we pretend spiritual and heaven bound, when in fact we are in free fall and certainly not in the direction of Heaven. And little by little, everything becomes a sketch or a poor imitation of what would be a work of art. Or in other words, life becomes a theater full of many actors who have forgotten that life truly lives not mimic. It's a role that finally get to play close to perfection. World and society teaches us that it's okay to lie, we applaud and says that it's good to look anything but what you are, and we learn that that's best for us. But it's a tedious role and finally, tired heart can change the masks and the public that once stood to applaud you, now go; and you get to play in front of empty seats, you get to play in desperation you just for you. And he's out there. He who knows anyway. He who sees beyond the masks anyway. And I think the sadness, seeing even try to pretend before him. Yes, it's sadness and pain, because God does not need to Heaven by a meeting of masks, but honest souls. Perhaps, in the end, you will call us to Him to get us up, not to say,, Well, pretended soul. You wear many masks and have fooled many. Mare your reward. But will look fondly and whispered, Well, good hearted and honest. You represented with humility and sincerity. Priceless now's your reward! That's all I know for sure: that before going top, all the masks fall. And especially as always, beyond, will be God.


Aug 6th @ 4:19am EDT

Life is like a ray of light that never dies, and regrets of life must be respected for the beam of light does not go out. If you broke the rules of life no one and nothing will spark could ignite than with your soul. Life is a bunch of roses which falls every year a piece of "Rose". But one day you can lose all the flowers ... Sometimes we do not know what life is really suffering, love, work, satisfaction ... one thing we all know, if I was lucky to receive the gift of living, then you need to take advantage because you never know what happens in the next second and than sorry ... Life must be lived to the full with good and bad ... and lucruriile evil good, because we show that we exist. We should not let time pass through our fingers without having to spend time with those who really matter to us, those close to our hearts. Your life and mine is every moment you breathe, you watched, listened bustle world of reality reached near you and have rediscovered the beauty of the soul. Life is not always what we want to be. There are times that try to forget the sorrow, but fail, because sadness is a disease of the soul, that leaves trauma, deep footprints, it sees chip ... are wounds that do not heal, memories that do not look . I am an optimistic person, full of life, smiling ... not vengeful because I know that everyone will be judged by divine justice, but one man in my life I have suffered.

lifetime relationship

Aug 5th @ 2:22am EDT

Those who think there perfect relationship without any reason and without a moment of anger strife, withdraw happy with their imagination and build their own perfect relationship. Because there is no such thing. There is devotion without testing it in time. No reconciliation without strife love with the smell of anger. There is no happiness without sadness or fear moments. Being near someone, you will be afraid to lose, to leave last moments with him and that is why you seek to do something, to change, to be better. During this time you will be next to it or near it, you divide the world in two, a table and a bed and that means that some arguments are inevitable. As some reconciliation. To get away you have to take step by step, fight with strife, happiness happily together. When you live a life already two and a fireplace in the mouth when young people will wonder how you got here, you said that up here were beautiful and heavy moments, times when you doubted each other and when you have been disappointed, but in all these moments you have not yielded any time. That will tell you all happy couple. Because that makes the difference and always will be. Happy people do not live every day happy, but happy in life and perceive their existence with someone the same. Happy people want to make their man happy. There will be reconciled soon. They want to explain. They want to love sincerely. And they what they want. They have a lifetime relationship. They fulfillment of existence together. They believe that after a quarrel comes a good discussion or quiet or revelation and that every argument has its place. They next human safety. The rest is just part of the story told survivors.


Aug 4th @ 1:53am EDT

When I am motivated, I go out and create opportunities instead of sitting back and being reactive. This is what being proactive is all about - taking control of my life, setting goals, and working to achieve them. Isn't it strange how often when we get more sleep we feel more tired? When I am motivated I have lots of energy to burn and I am enthusiastic. As human beings, we constantly encounter roadblocks that stand in the way of us achieving our goals. Its not always easy to push past these roadblocks, and it can drain us to keep trying and trying. I consider persistence to be one of the most important attributes of successful people. When I am motivated, persistence is a natural instinct.
Now I realize that it is all well and good to identify the signs that I am motivated, but the real question is how can I get myself out of a rut next time I get in one. The thing is, I knew I was in a rut but it was just so hard to shake off. I will have to give this question more thought  I have previously written about how reflecting on our life experiences is one potential strategy to get out of a rut. This strategy didn't really work for me this time. It would be nice to have one strategy that worked without fail  and feel good.

my arms

Aug 3rd @ 2:14am EDT

Flirting is an art and if you're thinking that you're not someone who flirts, you're sure. Some do not know how to flirt and maybe they are afraid to admit that, in exchange for others comes as second nature and are even proud of it. If you have no idea where to start, you must stand up and observe what is happening around you. Some signs of flirting and a few basic ideas are presented below. Although very subtle for most, knowing the signs that a woman or a man flirts takes practice and experience.Every woman is attracted to a certain thing in a man. Some we like eyes, lips or other we look at them we study arms. The fact is that the physical parts that fascinates you say to a man about sexual tine.Organul. Are you fascinated by this instrument exchange and mobility. I am a woman directly, sexy, raw and tough, who knows how to appreciate what they deserve apreciat.Coapsele. Solid I like men who know their value. I love being appreciated and advice. You're the kind of woman .Pieptul. I prefer men who protect me, give me the feeling that those who surround me with their strength. I like having a barbat.Gatul.Ador reasons admiration for the strength of a man, his masculine side. Virile appearance draws you in and makes your heart beat faster. I like athletes and their strength. I know how to impress you, and I adore it. They exhibit energy when you need it. Are attracted primarily a man of gallantry and finesse. For you, fantasies are the most interesting part of a relationship. I love voluptuous lips and caresses that ignite passion. For me, foreplay is almost more important than what follows. so in one word all is about men just drives me crazy.

like peace

Aug 2nd @ 2:37am EDT

Women love to untill impossible. And they want to be loved at least as much. The most important expression that "will" is kept true necessity of women. Because what a woman wants is not just about money and the car, or at best sex, as some may say. A woman like that is not what you get and can not get one. Or what he would want to get one. Then, men have discovered this. On the contrary, men are completing women, as they are filling men. But this woman's woman wants. He wants beautiful, like happiness, like peace. If they had all, women would not have a man next door. They should talk to other women about fashion, creams and climate change in the world. As it was, a woman wants a man with that first he would be next. Strong and good. He wants his protection and the thought that tomorrow will be as stable and beautiful because it is. Even if it is hard and difficult at times. Is he. The man is safe dosage and balance for tomorrow. A woman wants fulfillment love with a man. Without him the love of love loses its meaning. A woman would certainly trustworthy. After all, he is a man. A woman wants endearment and quiet moments with him. When two night may pray to fetch something from the fridge. When he walks barefoot argument that thoughtful. And when he says to dress well. When the night with duvet covers it. When you feel happy together and head to his chest when he knows he does not want anything else. A woman wants a man when he's poor judgment and his ability when he's strong.

transform yourself

Jul 31st @ 6:54am EDT

When we feel weak, helpless and powerless, have the power to banish thoughts of defeat, negativity and fear that prevents us to live as we wish. When we yield to their power and deny what we are able, we fall prey to addictions, fears, impulses unhealthy and duplicative past.Your gift is your potential. Expressions potential brings you joy, blocking his frustrates you, you sad, you get angry. Life for you to wake up, is disturbed by the refusal, neglect or your irresponsibility. The goal is to transform yourself, to get over the lethargy, you'll go to the end commitment.are wonderful because that is not because they are beautiful than anyone else. I am happy to be healthy ... I'm happy to be alive ... I'm happy it's harmony and understanding around me are happy.

What woman wants?

Jul 30th @ 4:38am EDT

A woman wants stability. And safety. And it's not established that he would act one way or another. When a man already must be a sense of responsibility and correct facts. A woman wants confidence after some time together, when unconscious or imaginary sees his life with this man. He sees in their home playing with or repairing a scaund, sees strong there when she has problems, sees seductive and affectionate at any time. And when a woman accuses a man just wants a house and car, not right: a woman wants a man who can build the future and take. Some women will want here and now from their man, but this is about something else. What matters is that man in his turn, when you think of the woman with his wife and mother to his family and his happiness to know that the wife will want stability and security that mother will want a future for her family. Yes, good things are built together and not naturally led to extreme male responsibility, but even together build confidence that a woman will seek namely that he is that man can build. So every man must ensure that in addition to kiss and sweet words can offer something. Can provide stable, secure, trusted a woman. And much love. It asks in return the same love, support and dedication. And if you both understand how important these things, hardship and strife will only be ways to strengthen the love between them. The future is just as important as the present for a woman, and after a while the most important.


Jul 29th @ 10:33am EDT

...of love, living in love, life smiles at us at any moment and open our heart and soul to absolute happiness. Dreaming and living in a realistic way down to earth, he can kneel and life can teach us what is the tear, because every day is a struggle lived ... it shapes us and strengthens us with every blow. Life without dreams would be so sad and dark, so black as wilderness ... Life without dreams would only tears and sighs ... no smiles and no love. Always hide deep down ocean of dreams ... maybe books unwritten, maybe it's just the illusion of wings not let us fall, we all have desires, dreams, hopes, no matter how strange they may be ... who did not have dreams, Who does not have wings? There is darkness ... there is only lack of light. There is loneliness ... there is only love and lack of love. Who would not love life! Who could not love and cherish not this divine miracle? It seems that time is the most precious diamond of life ... he shines even in the darkest place on earth. And what if in my life, not all are in place? Whose life is perfect! Have a great day and happy!

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